Phillip adams BalletLab and Temperance Hall are incredibly grateful to our individual patrons, government supporters, and sponsors.

A critical part of our success in moving to Temperance Hall has been the generous philanthropic support by individual donors to enable our vision and achieve our important projects including education and support for other artists. It remains a core driver for our future success.

Our deepest thanks to the donors who have joined the illustrious ranks of the Temperance Hall Society:

Founding Members

Dr. Marcus McMahon
Mario Lo Giudice & Andy Dinan
John Molloy
Toni Maticevski
Christopher Boots
Bill & Helen Coleby
Phoebe Dunn & Charles Thompson

Neil Masterton
Adrian Richardson
Lynda Horton
Daniela Valmorbida
Michael Valmorbida
Raymond Barry & Dr. Simon Terry
John & Susan Wardle
Peter Lovell & Michael Jan

Jeff Busby
Naum Tered
Nicola Stein & Julian Sack
Ian & Gillian McDougall
Daniel Besen
Min Li Chong


Konfir Kabo
Brad Spolding
Daryl & Melinda Adams
Justin Arter & Susan Molloy
Matthew Bird
Emily Westmore
Fiona Sweet
Nathan Beggs
Fiona Brook
Donna Aranyi

CLUB Members

Amber Gooley
Amelia Murdy
Andrea Wilson
Anny Mokotow
Antony Hamilton
Barbara Roux
Benjamin Cisterne
Briony Galligan
Cameron Lewis
Caroline Dever
Carolyn Court
Fiona Menzies
Freya Waterson
Jeannine Jacobson
Jeff Herd
Jessica Phillips

Jo Lloyd
Joanne White
John Wardle Architects
Josephine Briginshaw
Julian Burnside
Kay and Peter Adams
Kristina Arnott
Kristy Ayre
Loie Magnolia Roux
Lucy Guerin
Marshall McGuire
Matthew Boland
Matthew Morse
Michael Sharpe
Michaela Coventry
Michaela Ottone

Morena Buffon
Morgan Hurwitz
Nancy Black
Nigel Harris
Philipa Rothfield
Phillip Adams
Randal Patterson
Richard Jackson
Rob Moore
Robert Buckingham
S. Fong
Sophie Hardy
Tanya Singleton
Tere O'Connor
Vivienne Halat
Wayne Box


Temperance Hall offers a unique opportunity for sponsorship and partners. We are a leading organisation in South Melbourne and the City of Port Phillip and the company has a strong local, national and international profile. We partner with a range of supporters on our annual program, special events and fundraising.

“Temperance Hall opens a new conversation with the Victorian dance and arts communities. It is an exemplary 21st Century performance site where you get to see the artists of today make and present their expression of tomorrow”.  – Artistic Director, Phillip Adams

To discuss partnership opportunities with Phillip Adams BalletLab, please contact Veronica Bolzon, Executive Director on (03) 9645 9937 or


Images: Jeff Busby