The SICK project is a cross-generational dance and performance that critiques acceptance and challenges expectations of artists with disability. SICK is a collaboration between award winning performer Ryan New, who is a company member of Rawcus and Australia’s foremost provocateur of choreography Phillip Adams. SICK speaks about the beauty and awkwardness of two completely unfamiliar and disparate bodies (Ryan 31 and Phillip 54) moving epically and graciously failing, together.

The artists' associations with the word sick inspires and informs the development process, to which they carefully apply humour and dysfunction.

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Prelude is a multi-art form performance, created through a three-year international exchange between Phillip Adams and US choreographer, Walter Dundervill.

In Prelude, Walter and Phillip channel their shared enthusiasm for forgotten rituals, physical and visual decadence and cathartic actions, using 1973 film The Exorcist as source material.  This durational, experiential production culminates in a hijacking of the film’s experimentations with exorcis, climaxing with the levitation of constructed beds.

Prelude will premiere in 2021 – stay tuned for announcements.

2020 artistic associate – LUKE GEORGE

We are excited to welcome Luke George to Temperance Hall as our Artistic Associate.

The Artistic Associate represents a new addition to the Temperance Hall core artistic team, enabling an established independent artist to engage with our organisation on a deep level. The position supports the independent artist as a cultural agent and is intended to create new pathways for artistic production.

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2020 Choreographic researcher – Rachael wisby

This new position at Temperance Hall provides the individual artist with a central studio, facilitating research and collaboration specific to their choreographic discipline.

The Choreographic Researcher position provides Rachael freedom to pursue in-depth research work or begin the first stage of long conversations towards the realisation of a performance.

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1–9 February, 2020
Temperance Hall’s Midsumma Program places emphasis on the many definitions of 'queer' and 'difference', as presented by our four co-commissioned choreographers. As a program, the works interrupt normative cultural narratives and push queer boundaries of dance performance.

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AsiaTOPA: Dancing Democracy Workshop by Mallika Sarabhai 
22 February, 2020
Does democracy have a dramaturgical device? Can the performance apparatus shift to stage resistance? Will passive reception awaken through active demonstration? In this verbal-visceral workshop, artist-activist Mallika Sarabhai teaches dancers working with autobiographical material how to navigate authorship and agency in their own practice. 

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AsiaTOPA: Takao Kawaguchi Workshop and Performance
Performance: 7–8 March
Workshop: 29 February & 1 March
Temperance Hall in partnership with Dancehouse and Asia TOPA will host two performances by legendary Japanese choreographer Takao Kawaguchi. Takao will also host a workshop in the days prior to the performance season. 

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Melbourne Fringe
1–18 October, 2020
Leading on from Temperance Hall’s record attendance at its inaugural 2019 Melbourne Fringe program, Temperance Hall will again present a season of dance works in 2020.

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