a workshop intensive with Ishmael Housten Jones
Phillip Adams Balletlab in conjunction with Dancehouse and the 2018 Keir Choreographic Award public program are proud to welcome esteemed American dancer and Choreographer Ishmael Houston-Jones to Temperance Hall.

THEM is Ishmael Houston Jones's seminal work examining intimacies and violence between men, made amidst the rising tides of the AIDS epidemic in the mid-'80s. Through the process of reconstructing and transmitting THEM to a younger generation of dancers, Houston-Jones will excavate unregistered details about the work and the context in which it was originally created, in resonance with the Australian context, while uncovering powerful resonances with the present.

'THEM, RELOADED' is open to choreographers, dancers, other practitioners with a movement-based practice

Where: Temperance Hall, 199 Napier St, South Melbourne 
Date: 5-9 March 2018 
Time: 10am - 2pm (incl. 30 minute lunch break)
Price: $150


Image: THEM, photo by Dona Ann McAdams