Sandra Parker Temporary Hold Promo Image

Temporary Hold
Sandra Parker with Rhian Hinkley

Anna McDermott Past Events

textCreated for Temperance Hall’s Upstairs Studio, TEMPORARY HOLD is a one-off durational performance installation: Saturday November 25th, 2023, from 2 – 5pm. TEMPORARY HOLD reflects our search for shelter, security, and stability within the spaces we inhabit. Stretching across 3 hours, as raw materials rest, lean, hold things up and weigh things down, the dancers find themselves caught, as if in the …

Temperance Hall Fringe Artist Shian Law

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2023
Temperance Hall

Anna McDermott Past Events

Experience the epicentre of experimental choreography at Temperance Hall this Melbourne Fringe Festival. Over two weeks of programmed performances, three artists from diverse practices and unique perspectives will innovate choreographic form and take us to the Fringe.  《一》 Shian Law   From their resistance to cultural atavism comes a stylish rendering of the artist’s autobiography and burning passion for calligraphy.6.30pm, …

Shian Law Melbourne Fringe at Temperance Hall

Shian Law

Anna McDermott Past Events

MELBOURNE FRINGE FESTIVAL At TEMPERANCE HALL A stylish rendering of the artist’s autobiography and burning passion for calligraphyBOOK TICKETStextPronounced as yī, 一 is the horizontal stroke that represents number one in Chinese Han characters. Simply by adding a second horizontal stroke to the foundational mark, one becomes two: 二 èr.   Ideographically, 一 Yī precedes 人 rén, humankind. Above人 rén, …

Ben Hurley Dunes Rolling Down Dunes

Dunes Rolling Down Dunes
Benjamin Hurley

Anna McDermott Past Events

melbourne fringe FESTIVAL at temperance hall  A boot. A feather. A relic . . . a bag full of useless stuff.   BOOK TICKETStextDunes Rolling Down Dunes spirals deeply into the meeting point of a conjured mythology. Stuck in a relentless state of dissolving choreography and purpose, performers Benjamin Hurley and Arabella Frahn-Starkie swoop through their embodied and imagined histories like …

José Navas AVES

José Navas

Anna McDermott Past Events

MELBOURNE FRINGE FESTIVAL AT TEMPERANCE HALL a SOLO SHOW THAT CELEBRATES THE IMPORTANCE OF LOVE AND ART, BY INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED, MONTREAL BASED CHOREOGRAPHER josé NAvasBOOK TICKETStext AVES, a solo show that celebrates the importance of love and art. Following his lineage of solo work, imbued with sobriety, abstraction, and simplicity, José Navas continues dancing his life on stage, as he …

August 2023 Showcase

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LUCY GUERIN INC & TEMPERANCE HALLREGISTRATIONS TO ATTEND NOW OPENREGISTer TO ATTEND  Inspired by the experimental New York dance-scapes of the 80s and 90s, and born out of a need to bring the Victorian dance community together, Out of Bounds is an exciting artist sharing platform presented by two of Australia’s leading dance companies, Lucy Guerin Inc and Phillip Adams …


Anna McDermott Past Events

   A SCREENING AND CONVERSATION SERIES FOCUSING ON SIGNIFICANT DANCE WORKS FROM OUR COLLECTIVE PERFORMANCE-PASTS.Courtesy of the Artist is a screening and conversation series focusing on significant dance works from both the recent and not so recent past by living masters in our community. Caring for the ephemeral artefacts of our dance histories and herstories, to revisit a moment in …

ROPETIMES with Luke George

Anna McDermott Past Events

FACILITATED BY ACCLAIMED ARTIST AND ROPEWORKER LUKE GEORGE (NGV/RISING) – ROPETIMES IS AN INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP IN ROPE BONDAGE AND NAVIGATING INTIMACY, PLEASURE AND CONSENTREGISTER HERE  This workshop is open to anyone who wants to learn, practice, connect and play.  No previous experience required. Rope provided. Rope is a sensitive and dynamic material. It can act like a conductor between bodies …


Anna McDermott Past Events

A divine intervention of queer crucifixions after Francis Bacon’s shocking paintings of eroticism and death.PHILLIP ADAMS, AUSTRALIAN MAVERICK OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE PRESENTS TRIPTYCH, A DIVINE INTERVENTION OF QUEER CRUCIFIXIONS INSPIRED BY FRANCIS BACON’S TRIPTYCH PAINTINGS (1944–1986).  For FRAME: a biennial of dance Temperance Hall and Phillip Adams BalletLab present Triptych, a divine intervention of queer crucifixions inspired by Francis Bacon’s …

A Bestiary of Unimaginable Animals

Anna McDermott Past Events

An experimental choreographic work for three dancers and a congregation of beasts.A Bestiary of Unimaginable Animals is an experimental choreographic as well as visual work for three dancers and a congregation of beasts, created by Nana Biluš Abaffy for FRAME: a biennial of dance at Temperance Hall. Inspired by the medieval bestiarium, which was an elaborately illustrated compendium of both …